Monday, December 07, 2009

I hope this week will be a better week than today tends to be >_>

I got up late.  I mean... LATE.  Like at the time where I'm supposed to be at job to open it.  Got ready in 10 minutes and called a fucking taxi...
Now there's like 39478623786 clients... WHAT THE FUCK ?! Seriously ! I NEVER get 938472837 Clients on FUCKING MONDAY MORNING !!!
It's a bit late for PMS, don't you think ?
Want moar of it ? Well YEAH !  This week-end... I got mad cause of those retards living upstairs... HEY ! YOU DON'T BUILD A HOUSE IN A APPARTMENT WHEN IT'S 11 AND EVEN LATER.  WORSE. DON'T DO IT ON WEEK DAYS AT 1AM. IDIOTS.
I really got mad... -_- Luckily I can quite control myself... If not I would have gotten up and would have beaten the shit out of them, tabarnak >_>...
I'm quite... in a bad mood, since then... I get angry easily... Is it the full moon soon ? Blah, maybe it's just my birthday -_-... (Full moon is on December 16th or something, actually.  Unless that's the new moon... Anyway...)
So yeah, do don't piss me off if you don't wanna pay with your life >_>...

I still haev to go to the bank after the job... I'm tired and hungry -_-... But I'll go... I haven't promised, but if I don't, I won't ever go and I'll disapoint someone. That's all.

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