Saturday, May 02, 2009

That's not a personality disorder...

That's how people who can't be their whole selves completely are.

And this' an other problem, dear.


Or, no... Just a simple coma... Actually, there's no way someone should be afraid of showing what they are "in real life" on the Internet... Cause... Internet is the real life too... How could it be the fake life, anyway ? Why should we supposed to be two different persons "in real life" and on the Internet ? Don't you guys think it should be all the same ? Or am I the only one thinking this way ? Or is it another person unconsciously jealous of myself cause I'm able to be myself on Internet AND "in real life" ? Once there, that's not my problem anymore, y'know....
And don,t you think it's kinda funny you wrote this a few hours after I saw you in Place Lau and that you probably (Should I say "obviously" ?) saw me too ?
People said you grew older, huh ?

Note that I'm not writing this just for the fun of bitching but just because I'm getting kinda pissed off this masquerade... It's starting to get WAAAAAAAAY too ridiculous...... *sigh*
I'm really waiting for the day you'll come and tell me everything STRAIGHT IN MAH FACE ! It's not like I wanna know why all this shit is... actually being shitty.... BUT. Huhuh.
There's some things bugging me... -_-

Now here's the final period ->.

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How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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