Sunday, March 01, 2009

Trucy's giving a look at japanese shoe brands.

... If someday, I live in Japan, I'll have to find all Drag Queen's Shoes Shops in Japan and buy my shoes there o_o...
Most women shoe size stops at 25..... I wear 26-26.5 -_-....

And I found why some model in GLBs seems to have not the good size of shoes... Lolita brands only have S-M-L mesurement system for their shoes (sometimes there's SS and LL....), so if the girl's between two size... well just to bad for you !...

And yeah.... It's the same thing for bras o_o....... I'm not even able de find something that fits me here, I can't imagine there o_o;;... Like 38D is a cursed number... (Hum.... 38D equals 85D, right ? I hate those imperial and metric systems -_-....)

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