Friday, November 28, 2008


DeviantArt, for those who didn't know.

I decided to use it again.
For the moment, I'm not home, so I can't upload anything... But as soon as I'm home, I'll post some drawings...
I'll scan stuff that isn't scanned yet, too... (I'm sure there's a lot you haven't seen yet o_ô... Or a lot that you couldn't see anything because it was too small and to pale to see anything XD Fucking HB pencils xD;;; And I'm a shit when comes the inking time, so I hate inking my drawings xD;;)
I'll also scan some sketches I've done.... And I've to learn that if I want my drawings to fit in the scanner, not to use like LARGE paper sheets o_ô... How many drawing I had to cut because of this, eh ? >_>... Fuck you, small scanner ! XD;;
I may re-scan some shits, so they look better... As this (Oh shit, j'me souvenais pas que j'avais si bien réussi sa main ô_ô ! Moi pis les mains, j'te dis >_>...) And all those iside jokes uh... Bande dessinées, I can't remember the english word o_o;; è_é ! Not cartoon... Not manga... EEEEERRRG I HATE IT ò_ó !!!!!! You know, with boxes and bubbles with text in it. Yea. This. Comic. Duh.
I should edit them so the text be more obvious -_-...
Aaaaah.... I should start seriously drawing again =\

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