Tuesday, April 12, 2011

So KoRn are some Niggah.


I arrived at my job and my boss was like
Oh I'm sorry, I changed the radio station...
I usually don't really mind
But this morning, they played those heavy metal rock bands
You know, those with masks...
Yeah ! Slipknot
And those who'll be or have been to the Colisée...
With that other band of nigger...
.... Ah... ?
Anyway, those aren't so bad
But the other band...
I really can't stand them !

So yeah XD
Disturbed sucks
And KoRn are black

Special mention to my 55 y/o boss knowing those bands
And saying that KoRn wasn't so bad XDDDDDD

But that's maybe cause her grandson plays guitar
And she once told me that even though he was like 11
He was already playing some Iron Maiden and Metallica...

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How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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