Friday, April 01, 2011

Gothita VS Smoochum

You should "read" it from left to right.

This is way too cute LOL
I had the idea for this
While playing Pokémon, obviously.
I was training my Smoochum and came accross a Gothita
And I went all like OMG *w*
And I wrote down some ideas for comics like this one.
Basically, this is how Gothita and Smoochum met.
Every other comics should revolve around their friendship...
I told you it was way too cute XDDD
But yeah
I won't ever make them talk
First cause Pokémons don't talk
And second cause it will be... universal ?
Oh well... I won't have to translate them
And every single person on Earth will be able to understand them.
They will also be short like this
Or even shorter.
There's no need to make anything pretty long o_ô....

So yeah
Done in a few minutes
With a blue pen on normal paper LOL
Scanned it in black and white since it's easier to edit 8B
So yeah, I edited it a bit
But I'm not planning to put them in color
Nor to make them more detailed.
I think it's perfect that way.
Screw you if you're not happy with it XDDD

And if you didn't understand what happened here
Gothita was training itself using its psychic power on little rocks
Ending up throwing one at Smoochum.
Smoochum got mad and replied back
(Cause Smoochum is Psy/Ice, you know...)
They ended up fighting
And got exhausted
And fell asleep.
The end LOL.

Now for pokédex references...
There's only one, actually.
It says that Smoochum smells things with its lips
So that's why it seems like it's eating a rock 8B
I will also try to add more pokédex references in the next ones \o/


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