Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Old blog is old.

Ah my...

I just spent...... 
Browsing two of my old blogs LOL.
I thought it was more like two hours or so...

I must say I kinda miss that time...
3 years ago...
My blog wasn't really interesting
More like fangirlic gibberish
But back then
People cared to comment =\

I also tend to forget 
That I've already been a fan of Versailles LOL

I really was.....
A fangirl...
I still am
But now...
I'm more...
Jaded ?
Getting pissed off quite easily...
I must be getting old... LOL.
But still...
Maybe that this is keeping people away ?
Or is it that they know I'm older than 20
And that
Knowing they're younger than me
Afraid ?
Does that even makes sense ?
Well.. Yeah, maybe
I mean, back then
I was... I was...
Wait, three years ago..
I was 19 XD
And most people who commented were about this old too...
And now
Those people aged too
And they got jobs
Or they go to school...
Not high school, but you know...
Not to mention that I've been quite hard to follow for a while
So they just naturaly went away from blogs
Not only mine
But blogs in general
Even theirs
And now
Their successors....
I guess...
You know what I think about today's youth >_>
They're not all the same, but still
If you don't even try to know me
You'll never will
Cause I WON'T go to you..
Not to mention that I can't really know who you are
If you're only browsing my blog...
I may know where you're coming from, but that all XD;
I have absolutely NOTHING against the fact
Of virtually meeting new people
(IRL, that's another story... XD)
Let's just say that if you comment on an entry
Unless you want to bitch
Cause then I'll simply bite back ♥
I won't be mean.
I don't know you
You read my blog...
I just can't be mean at you
Unless you tend to stalk and steal pics and videos I posted to repost them somewhere else...
(BTW I must apology to that Fin girl... I must admit that maybe I've over reacted... 
That's why I think I deleted that post... Or I thought about deleting it... But I think I really did ._.)

That's also probably the reason why
Some people told me I was impressive...
Cause seriously.....
I'm not impressive.
I. Have. No. Life.
That's not impressive.
That's loser.

I won't even get more comments cause of that, so yeah XD

(And yes, I truly have troubles remembering my actual age XD;)

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