Wednesday, February 09, 2011

I dreamt about Angel Taka.

I know it's already weird that I dream about him

But that not what's the weirdest, after all...

So I was going to spend the night at Lillie Joe's place
And for some reason
She was living supposedly alone 
In a big appartment
And there was Angel Taka.
So yeah
We went to bed
But the thing is that Lillie only had some kind of king sized bed
So we would all three sleep in there.
I don't remember the way I was dressed to sleep
But Angel was sleeping in his pink g-string.
And yeah, I was on a side of the bed, 
Then on my right, there was Angel
And on his right was Lillie.
And she then told me
[Watch out, he tend to lick people.]
So I went like... Lulz.
But she went to go pee.
WELL YEAH you guessed.
He started to lick my arm
And I was like... [x_X WTF are you doing ?!]
He continued further LOL
And I ended up rolling out of bed
Being like [D8 Don't do that !]
Then Lillie came back from her pee
And Angel started to act really gay.
Like... Proudly showing his pink thong...
And then I woke up.

I don't understand that dream LOL.
I shouldn't listen to Nine Inch Nails as I sleep XDD

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