Friday, February 18, 2011

Hypocrisy and Selfishness and a few other things.

I don't usually care about hypocrites

But since I'm selfish
I particularly HATE people being hypocritical to me.
If you are going to tell me something not really directly
Why don't you just go straight to the point, eh ?!
Cause you know...
Trying not to hurt my feelings simply ends up the opposite way.
And I'm serious about this.
Why can't you just be honest ?!
I mean... It's hard to really hurt my feeling
And even if what you're about to tell me
Could end up by hurting me
I would rather you to tell it to me RIGHT STRAIGHT in my face
Instead of trying to go another way
And just avoid the subject
Even if you're about to say that I'm the worst person you ever met
Seriously... Just tell it !
Just fucking tell it.

Another thing is
When I do say those kind of things
I DO NOT want people to go [But you're not this bad !]
[Don't change, I like you the way you are !]
[But Trucy, you're not a shitty person !]
I don't need you to get stronger.
I already know all of this.
It's just meaningless to me.
It won't help me feel better.
Really, it will not.
I will just feel like punching you in the face.

SO yeah
If you really want to help me
Then just be honest with me.
Of course, if there are some things you never told me
And don't want to tell me
I don't specially want you to tell those things to me
That's not want I mean by being honest.
Anyway, what you don't know can't do you any harm.
But what I mean is
Don't go through 324783294 ways 
Just to try not to hurt me.
Just say it.
I can't hate someone being honest for a long time.

And the last point is jealousy.
That's something that I will never ever understand.
Well... I actually understand that a girl went mad cause her boyfriend cheated on her
But then came back to her saying he's still loving her.
I do understand the betrayal feeling...
But that's not something I would actually feel ._. 
And people usually don't understand how I could not feel that.
And I thing that could become a problem someday ._.
But still... If someone cheats on you
It must be for some reason...
I think you just have to analyse that...
Of course, it may be cause the other person is an ass hole
But instead of going mad
I'd would rather try to find why (s)he did that...
And again, it would be about honesty...
I honestly would not mind if my boy or girl friend would go sleep with someone else...
I just would not want them to try to hide it
It's the same kind of thing than in the first paragraph, I guess...
I don't know if you really get what I mean..
But still...
I'm not a jealous person AT ALL.
But I hate those who lie to me.

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