Monday, January 10, 2011



The building owner came to install some electronic thermostats in every room of every apartment.
What does that mean ?
That means that I can't control the heat in my room as I used to do with the old thermostat
Which I only had to turn down so that it doesn't start.
I sure can lower the "basic" temperature on that thermostat too
I don't feel it's the same -.-
Cause I can't shut it down completely
I don't need a thermostat, seriously -_-
My computer heats the room by itself è_é
Plus, I don't like to have strangers in my room when I'm not there è_é
Well, I don't like strangers, period >_>...
The only good part in this is 
That I finally cleaned a bit of my room because of this...
Only a bit, cause, you know...
Lazy ass bitch like yeah 8B

Aaaah ok.  
Now I've to go answer your comments.
I've been postponing this long enough LOL

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How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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