Sunday, January 09, 2011

Don't worry, don't worry~~

I'm still here

Just been... could that even been called busy ?

Anyway, I kinda spent the week end with Lillie Joe

And that's nearly all...

Went to Flash Café on Friday night
With Lillie, Mythomanya and Kai
Then Lillie slept at my place
So yeah, Lillie slept at my place
I went to work on Saturday
Then I went to Fanamanga with Lillie 
Cause Franco had to give her guitar back
Since he repaired it...
Then we left to go to her place
Since she forgot something
And we then went at Miko's place
Cause Lillie is kinda babysitting her snake~
Then she showed me Machinarium~
And... Yeah no one knows that
But it's the same kind of game than Goblins ♥
I friggin loved Goblins !
But it's an old and DOS (or something) game
Well, it does work on newer computers =(
But, you know
It's the kind of game where you gotta go take this
So that this may work
So that it gives you this
So that you may give it back to who its really belonging to
So that they let you go there etc etc
Get it ?
So I guess we played till... 2 in the morning LOL.

And then, on Sunday...
Well... today
Lillie wanted to go at EB Games 
Since they were supposed to give out Shiny Raikou
But seems like it ended yesterday, actually...
(Still, their IN STORE ads were saying that it ended Jan.9th...... Which is today. Ass.)
But still... We also wanted to pre-order our Black and White versions~
They'll be released in March *o*
So she took the White one and
As usual, I took the opposite to hers
So I took Black~
That's since Pearl/Diamond....
She got Pearl and I got Diamond
She got Silver, I got Gold
And no with White and Black~
So I'll have like... 93423748 Pokémon games LOL
Emerald (which is not really mine but... Oh well... She's too dumb to ask for it HA !!! 8BBBBBBBB)
And Black, in March...
No to mention that I hamg around with Lillie's Sapphire, too XD

So yeah, to come back to today
Actually, we were with Mythomanya too
We ate at McDo's before going to EB Games =o
And we ended up in Ardene
And I bought a new cross necklace
And a dead tree one...
I'll end up look like that LOLOL
Cause the cross is quite massive too
It's Ardene, so no Jesus though XDD
At least, not this big...
Cause I still have a real rosary ._.
I'm feeling like I'm starting to look more like a Kaoru fangirl, lately...
Damn K on my wrist, fuck you, Kaya >XDDD
But still.... fundamentally, I'm not specially a Kaoru fangirl o_ô
I'm keeping my red hair, don't worry >8(

That's becoming nonsense... 
I think I'll go to bed, period.

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