Saturday, January 29, 2011

Stop asking me for news about Kalmie.

The truth is that I don't have any.
I don't know if other people who used to be around her
Have been asked this too...
But really...
I've been asked this about 5 or 6 times...
At least it was via PM
But still...
All you have to know is here.
(Scroll down in the comment section, dummy)
Now, looking to know more
Would be an aweful lack or respect and intelligence.
Leave Kalmie alone.
That's all she's asking.
Please respect that.

And even thought I knew what she really was up too
I wouldn't tell you.
I'm not here to report other's people life
Especially if they clearly said they wanted to be left alone.

Don't stress with that.
She's taking vacations
That's all you have to know.
Don't try to know more
You'll only get bitched at
Or royally ignored if you directly ask her. 
Just leave her alone.

Why don't you find someone else's blog to follow
Instead of worrying about someone who'd like for people to stop caring about her.
She wasn't considering any of us as friends, anyway
I don't have the pretention to think it's different in my case
You don't tell this kind of thing with people you barely know, right ?
It's the same here.
If she wants you to know
She'll tell you.
If she doesn't
Don't even dare to ask. 
Please, respect that.

It's the last time I'm talking about that.
Just leave her alone.
Maybe she'll come back someday.
But, for now, leave her alone for God's sake !

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