Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oh, that's so sad T_T I always associated Kaya to you because it's in your blog entries that I discovered about him him and got to know him a bit more ;__; Okay, other question =D For the esthetic aspect,which Visual Kei band(s) inspires you the most ?~

Hum.... Right now "inspire" make me think about La'Mule ( XD
But for the aesthetic aspect, I'd say bands like Noir Fleurir, Eliphas Levi, BLOOD, Angelspit, even still Schwarz Stein, Aliene Ma'riage and the like... Very very goffick, IMO. (though, I don't like Moi dix Mois and GPKISM XD)
But I must say that, even if they aren't so OMG VK, I like lynch.'s looks... It's quite casual, but there's always a little something that gets me (which is probably called Hazuki LOL)
But if I could dress up at work, I guess I'd go a little bit more on the kote kote kei side of the whole thing =o


Ask it !

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