Tuesday, November 23, 2010

This is another title.

I sleep pretty bad, lately...

Dunno why
I'm not stressed or anything...
Nothing more or less than usual
Beside the fact that I need to wash my clothes
Before I have nothing to wear... HA !
But that's not stressful...

This morning
When I woke up
Cause yeah, for once
I got up in the morning
Without any alarm
I found out that the left side of my hips
Hurt horribly.
In the articulation of the leg, you know..
And you probably know too
That when I actually feel pain
It's that it really hurts.
Otherwise, I don't bother complain about it.
During the day
I realized that, when I woke up
My bed sheets were all undone
More than the usual
I guess I my muscle kinda strained
While I was sleeping...

Let's say... For a week or so
I always feel exhausted
I guess it's because I can't sleep pretty well...
I sleep for quite long period of time
Like around 10 hours a night
But I keep waking up pretty early 
And then sleep and wake up constantly...
I guess I'm too used to get not much sleeping hours...
Since I usually get 5-6 hours of sleep a night...

Oh man
My life just sucks >____>

This being said,
I feel like reading again...
I used to read a fucking lot when I was in primary school
And in my early years at high school...
Then I just read stuff like Harry Potter and Patrick Senécal's and a few Anne Rice's...
I kinda miss the time when I read a novel per 2 weeks...
Even though I was 10-12...
I read my mother's book...
I read my first (and only LOL) Stephen King when I was 11 or 12 o_ô
The same goes for Not Without my Daughter o_ô
So yeah... 
I'll start reading again, I guess
Or I'll just get bored again once I'll be done reading Lost Souls... 
(Which I started almost a year ago ? x_X)


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