Monday, May 31, 2010

Keywords ? o_o;

dir en grey myspace
.... Okay, look.... Search this directly on MySpace, dude.

Funny, eh ?

J'sais pas hein...


O_O Voire qui a quelqu'un qui cherche due MERE REVEIL.... 

velvet eden kalm
Look on the left.  There's a link to his blog.

pedo lolita pic
O_O......... Ew.... 320 Darkwell Suspiria
I have the album, I may rip it, if you want...

kaya ameblo
I guess you found the link on the left side...

kamihana ken
..................... Ok, I won't talk about that, it's not concerning me xD;

stop aux appats pour les requins hoax
Hoax, comme tout ce qu'on reçoit par e-mail, ou presque.

how to get toshiya's bass sound
Which song ? Cause he has many basses, y'know... And well... I guess you'd also need the same equipment, which would be quite expensive, isn't it ?

cosplay anime sanjushi

Whut ?

niaisage de noir
Whut ?

the lat cry in hades
It takes an S between the A and the T in Last...

anime sanjushi fanfiction
O_O..... Eh ?

sizna time section
Me wants too D8< 

ponyta fucks may
O_______________________O I DON'T WANNA KNOW.

orthodontie blog
Pourquoi tu veux ça, hein ? oO....

Translation Community spiv states Blog's JUN
jrock_translate, or something... 

Eh ?

hizaki face

Kamijo gay
KLSDJKHFSJKHFKJSH I still fucking love that one XDDDDDDDD
As unbelievable it may sounds, he already been married, if that answer your question....

toshiya's blog
Does such a thing exist ?  OH YEAH. Like fanclub blogs or something... Bleh.

ah tabarnak
Ben c'est ça, câlice.

hizaki real face
Synonym of fuckface.


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