Monday, May 31, 2010

A few things to say...

I smell like Gackt D8<
I mean, I took the wrong shower gel and took the vanilla one instead of the apple one... AND THE VANILLA ONE SMELLS FUCKING STRONG X_____X
I'm gonna die, smelling that friggin fag scent until my next shower X____X Bleeeeeeeeeh.

J'ai changé le titre de Hold up my lover pour Beautiful Dirt... Which suits the main character and his personnality perfectly. *nods*

On facebook, I did an album with "And that's what is making you (look) gay"-pictures of Die, probably most of you knows about it already... But the thing is that I forgot to look in the "pair" album...... And I found the best of those... Seriously >XD

Bonus which won't appear in the album :

Yes, I think it's funny, I lmao-ed ; I rarely do macros so shut up and KTHXBAI.

Next is a question.
Does thinking you might be falling for a character you created and is like your male alter-ego make you a narcissist ?
Isn't this quite questionnable... Haha... Still, I've been thinking about it for a while, now... And wanted to talk about it, but I'm always shying away www....
And I'm still, since I won't say which character it is.... ;D (You probably deduced it, anyway.... ¬_¬)
Man, it's fucking ridiculous, I need to get rid of this D8< You leave my head now, bitch !!!

-Ça pourrait être un mur plus solide...
-... Indestructible ?
-Non ! Un mur PU solide !
-Ah... Ben... Destructible 8D
↑ Quote of the day >XD
Ah lala... J'suis en train de virer boulet, moi aussi XDDDDDDDDDDDD LOL.

Also, lately, I'm hearing a beep like if it was in the next room... But I hear it at home AND at job...
And it's the same kind of beep as when my phone's battery is dead... But my phone is right here with me and I just heard that beep again and it obviously wasn't my phone. Nor it's Flavie's since hers sounds more like "teeloo"...
Do ghosts beep ? LOL.
Or I'm just starting having hallucinations... .___.


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