Tuesday, April 27, 2010

I dreamt about @LadyGaGa

I was as if she was on a secret mission and has not to be recognized, so she wasn't this extravagantly dressed... And it worked since no one recognized her... But me.
I slowly walked to her, thinking of what I could say and I ended up by saying "Russian roulette is not the same without a gun" with a somewhat snooty look.  She peered at me for a few seconds and then replied with the rest of the verse before staring down, saying something like "This conversation better stop here.". And I agreed silently, got up and left.

That's all.

One other detail I may be remembering is that we were dressed as women were in the 50's.... That may be because I slept with rolls in my hair... Haha... 
But still... I used to hate Lady GaGa when I didn't really know about her... And now I dream about her, almost befriending with her... Aaah !

And now, Poker Face is stuck in my head... I wonder why xD

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