Sunday, April 25, 2010


Actually no.

I just bought like... 8 DVDs today... (and a Paint it Black tank top from Simmons...) for a total of 10 new movies~

The Great Mouse Detective *w* great childhood memories ♥
Who framed Roger Rabbit, since I wanna cosplay Jessica Rabbit.... Eh !
Cleopatra, the one with Elizabeth Taylor, cause I'm interrested in older movies like that.
Sid & Nancy, cause... DUH.
TO WONG FOO, THAKS FOR EVERYTHING ! JULIE NEWMAR !!!!! OMG.  I always wanted to see this o_o... Well... Since Spatu told me about that Blade guy playing a Drag Queen... XD
The Sixth Sense ♥
The Hound of Baskerville + The Private Life of Sherlock holmes + Without a Clue cause Cleopatra was labelled like... 2 for 20, and those too, so... And it's old... And it's Sherlock Holmes and the like... SO.
And the last but not the least : La Vie en Rose... I like Edith Piaf.... and I like Marion Cotillard.... So yeah ♥

So now, I must update my movie list * . *

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