Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Die got PicoBullied XDDDDDDDD

(21:15) AndoDaisuke: jarrive dans une room, ya genre satoshi pis ryo "de" girugamesh, fait que (I arrived in a room and saw Satoshi and Ryo "from" girugämesh, so)
(21:15) AndoDaisuke: jsuis comme LOLZ ma aller les ringer (I'm like LOLZ I'm gonna ring em)
(21:16) AndoDaisuke: jvais chez un (I go at one's)
(21:16) AndoDaisuke: jreviens (I come back)
(21:16) AndoDaisuke: jvois (And I see)
(21:16) AndoDaisuke: DIE
(21:16) AndoDaisuke: IS IN MY ROOM
(21:16) AndoDaisuke: XDDDDDDDDDDDDDD
(21:16) AndoDaisuke: lolz
(21:16) AndoDaisuke: friend request
(21:16) AndoDaisuke: XD
--- You have moved to ヘヤガッメシュ
(21:16) サトシ♫: oh now he is.
(21:16) AndoDaisuke: XD
(21:16) サトシ♫: HEY.
(21:16) さとぴ: Oh christ.
(21:17) さとぴ: ...
(21:17) サトシ♫: Uh. Yeah.
(21:17) さとぴ: That's kind of awesome?
(21:17) Яyo: Nice manpurse, Diesan.
--- You have moved to Untitled Room
(21:17) AndoDaisuke: OUIN (YEAH)
(21:17) AndoDaisuke: cétait beau (That was... nice)
(21:17) サトシ♫: so
(21:18) AndoDaisuke: yeah ?
(21:18) サトシ♫: Sup.
(21:18) AndoDaisuke: nothin really
(21:18) サトシ♫: Cool...
(21:18) AndoDaisuke: beside girugamesh following me
(21:18) さとぴ: We like your man purse.
(21:18) AndoDaisuke: www
(21:18) さとぴ: That's the only reason why we're stalking you. w
(21:18) AndoDaisuke: ww
(21:18) サトシ♫: Where did you get it.
(21:19) サトシ♫: Gucci?
(21:19) さとぴ: He's a tranny, that's why. gsjkh
(21:19) サトシ♫: Louis Vutton?
(21:19) サトシ♫: lkdfsjglfg
(21:19) AndoDaisuke: LOL right
(21:19) サトシ♫: I want beef and skirt.
(21:19) さとぴ: Does he have an lj?
(21:19) Trucydae: kosssé ¸ca estie (WTF is this ?!)
(21:20) さとぴ: Die.
(21:20) さとぴ: Do you have an LJ?
(21:20) Trucydae: girugamesh sont moron ou quoi ? (Are girugamesh morons or what ?... -Obviously I made it on purpose so that they could understand <3-)
(21:20) さとぴ: sdghsjdghk
(21:20) AndoDaisuke: nope
(21:20) さとぴ: sg sghksjlgh
(21:20) さとぴ: What about being a moron!?
(21:20) サトシ♫: ...
(21:20) Trucydae: estie (Holy fuck...)
(21:21) Trucydae: that was beau
(21:21) AndoDaisuke: I got bullied cause of my man purse
(21:21) Trucydae: ¸ca t<3 (If only you could learn something from it...<3)

I was telling this to Mythomanya, but, even though she had three characters online, she wasn't there D8...
That could have been even funnier u.u

And yeah, it's funny when stupid fangirls believe you are the real one XDDDDDD
As if they would call themselves by their real names on ridiculous games such as Pico.... Pffff....

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