Sunday, March 07, 2010


Subject: To Die-san

Please tell us if there was an incident that raised your spirits recently.

Die: The other day at the petshop that I happened to enter in, I saw a ragdoll [cat] and it seemed to have stolen my heart.

Ain't my cat a living plushie ? I mean.... I could do anything to him and he'd be like.... PUUUURRRRRRR PUUUURRRRRRRR PUUUURRRRRRR.
I think he's a robot... (?)   Nah, I mean, seriously ! How can you like... almost kick the cat since he annoys the hell outa you and he's coming back purring even more ?! è_é  I've a masocat. 
But he starts to get when I say "Honeeeeey ! è_é !!" with my low voice of don't-piss-me-off-you-fuckin-cat-girl... I think it's a good thing, actually o_ô... OH WELL.  Maybe I'm treating my cat more like a dog...
I think I'd rather have a dog... But.. well... I guess I'm too lazy to go out like twice a day with it @____@... 

Someday è_é.  I'll live in a house out of the city with three Great Danes è_é ! And a Huskey... and Siamese cats.... And a snake.... (If I could dye a tarantula in pink, I'd maybe get one... Otherwise EEEW.)

ANYWAY.  Still it is that my cat is stupid, fat and annoying  But seems like I won't ever be able to give him to someone ._. ... Eh !

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