Sunday, March 07, 2010

Shopping Spree.

Even though Kaya tends to annoy me, lately, I couldn't resist buying this first press version of Carmilla, you know tha one with the live thing of Kugutsuu ? And Masquerade, even though I don't specially like Masquerade when it's not live with 3789468723 Drags on the stage... LOL.  So yeah, bought them from someone out on LJ, they'll be shipped on monday, so I guess I'll receive them quite fast enough.
Then, I bought an h.NAOTO shirt.  Well... not shirt with buttons, y'know... Shirt like... T-shirt but with loong sleeves... Yeah.  something like 3800 yens.... I like how most clothes from h.NAOTO are really cheap in comparison to others on Closet Child o_ô...  I've paid on the 4th, haven't received the confirmation that they received it yet, but I guess it'll be okay tomorrow and they'll send 'em right away =o
I need to stop spending my money on useless junk for a while, now -_-.

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How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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