Sunday, March 28, 2010

Oh come on ! Don't give such advices to this young fan !

They must be like, 12 or something XDDD
Don't give 'em such ideas XD

Subject: To Kaoru-san
I am currently in first year high school.
The school I currently go to is a vocational high school and I am in the welfare course. However, I am very weak in communication. I think Kaoru-san has been to a lot of countries and has been involved with various people. Please tell me if there is something that you think is important for communication.

Kaoru: What the other person talks about and the feeling of knowing what the person is like, and as for my case, it's alcohol.

 Ahah xD
For once, I'm not reporting what Die said @_@
Maybe cause I'm not a guitarist XD

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