Friday, February 19, 2010

Visual Kei cosplays

Talking with Lillie-Joe, we decided that we would, someday, cosplay Mast and Kyouka from Aliene Ma'riage, Kengo and Teru from Noir Fleurir and Kei and Shuri from Eliphas Levi.
I all this, I'd do Kyouka, Teru and Shuri~ (We are currently looking for someone to do Ray for the Aliene Ma'riage cosplay, actually =o...)
Then.  I'll end up by doing some kickass Kaya cosplay, someday, that's for sure.
After this... I've been wanting to cosplay Kiwamu for... quite a long time, now.  Yeah... I'll do that.
And I still want to do the female version of Dir en grey's Child Prey's costume~ (You're almost wondering who I'd be, right ?.... Actually.... There'd be only a Shinya and a Kaoru missing...........)

On the non-visual kei side, there'd be Jessica Rabbit and Cybersix... There was more, isn't it ? I can't think of anything else, right now =\
AH YEAH. The Queen of Heart ! And Blind Mag from REPO !... Do we count Marilyn Monroe as a cosplay ?
I've so much to do XDD

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