Friday, February 19, 2010

I just had some.... Foolish idea concerning a cosplay of GPKISM ?

Fuck yeah \o/
The thing is that I've a friend who's quite a big fan of Ken and well... Even though I was thinking about BLOOD, cosplaying Kiwamu is cosplaying Kiwamu, isn't it ?
So yeah... I still have to ask him if he'd like to be my Ken for a day XDD
Holy shit, I like this XD

I don't know which costume we'd do, though... When Kiwamu had the lilac wig would be interesting, but... I think that boobs wouldn't be really easy to hide since hum... Well... he's flat-chested, y'know... Aherm.  Yeah.  And I've got.... BOOBS. Re-Yeah.  Sooooooo..... I'll see what I can do... Otherwise, I'll have to do something else... I also have to keep in mind that I'll have my friend costume to sew too since he isn't sewing (yet).

Any suggestions ? Pictures ? Questions ? Anything ?

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