Thursday, February 25, 2010

I've no life either 8D

Name :Trucydae Theadviling~
Nick Name :Trucy 8D
Birthdate :December 12th ¯w¯
Birthplace :Born in Trois-Rivières, but our home was in La Visitation (de Yamaska), back in the time
Current Location :@Job
Eye Color :Turquoise <3 But it's changing a bit, passing from grey to almost blue, going through something like green...
Hair Color :This is a... failed attempt to... some kind of Fire Red ? LOLU.
Height :173cm >8B which is like 5'7''½ >_>...
Weight :Around 175 pounds ? Which is like 79kg, I guess.... Not 100% sure.... Anyway, the thing is still that I lost like 45 pounds 8D (~20kg)
Piercings :I've hum *counts* 9 on ears and another on my bottom lip (@my right) And yeah, I removed the eyebrow one
Tatoos :That K on (in ?) my left wrist
Vehicle :Feet.... Bus... Joe le Taxi.
Overused Phrase :Ostie, Estie, Câlice, Fuck, Genre, Like, Comme, So yeah, Fait que ouin... C'est ça. Die.
Food :Dans ma bouche.
Pub/Disc/Restaurant :Flash Café ?
Candy :Buck-Tick >XD
Number :Mouse, OK NON. Eh... 8 o_o I don,t know. 12 too... cause like... Born on 12/12 LOLOLOLOL. Yeah.
Color :Violet, Red and Black.
Animal :Honey XD
Drink :Water.... FRENCH VANILLA COFFEE *w*
Body Part on Opposite sex :Collarbones *_______*
Perfume :Doedorant ? LOL. I don't really wear perfurme...
TV Show :I liked Paris Hilton's My New BFF ._.
Music Album :Maaaaaaah..... Uroboros >8B (Yeah, Paris Hilton, Dir en grey.... WHAT-EVER.)
Movie :I dunno.... Just take a look at my movies list ?
Actor/Actress :SJKdjkshdjka. Fgnah. Angelina Jolie >8B Milla Jovovich... And Johnny Depp is somewhat a classic... Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe *o*
This or That
Pepsi or Coke :Coke tastes like rat pee è_é
McDonalds or BurgerKing :Burger King <3
Chocolate or Vanilladjkdfsdjkfhksdjf mumuuuu.... Both.
Hot Chocolate or Coffee :BOTH. AT THE SAME TIME.
Kiss or Hug :... Depends... Aaaaaah fuck... No. Hug.
Dog or Cat :BOTH \o/
Rap or Punk :O_O............... Anarchy in the U.K. è__é
Summer or Winter :.... Autumn.
Scary Movies or Funny Movies :At least, Scary movies are funny for real =o
Love or Money :Oh come on... Both >_>
Bedtime :2:30AM for yesterday.... Lately I go to bed like.... At midnight or so...
Most Missed Memory :When people seemed less stupid ? Does that even make sense ?
Best phyiscal feature :It's to you to answer this, dude.
First Thought Waking Up :WTF is that noise... Oh wait, I've a cat.... HONEY WHAT ARE YOU DOIN AGAIN ?!
Ambition :Some many things... Aaaaah...
Best Friends :I've no best friend, I like all of my friends equally <3
Weakness :Does being cheesy count ?
Fears :Zombies ._. and forgetting, specially people I love T_T
Longest relationship :................ Lol.
Cheated Your Partner :Never, you're an asshole if you did.
Ever been beaten up :By myself, maybe ?
Ever beaten someone up :No =o
Ever Shoplifted :Lolu XD (Who haven't seriously ? o_o)
Ever Kissed Opposite sex :Well yeah o_ô
Been Dumped Lately :Damn, fuck you XD
Favorite Eye Color :I don't mind
Favorite Hair Color :I don't mind
Short or Long :I don't mind
Height :As long as the girl is smaller than me or the boy is my height or taller... Don't mind XD
Style :Anything but what doesn't look good LOL.
Looks or Personality :Anything but a Virgo ? LOL
Hot or CuteWhatever XD
Muscular or Really Skinny :O_O......... Vin Diesel LOLOL. Ewww.... Skinny x_x
What country do you want to Visit :France, Japan, England, Germany...
How do you want to Die :Suicide XP
Been to the Mall Lately :Last week ?
Get along with your Parents :Of course !
Health Freak :LOL Absolutely not.
Do you think your Attractive :Of course I am, I'm Trucy, what d'you think !!!
Believe in Yourself :Obviously !
Want to go to College :I went, it sucked.
Do you Smoke :Yeah.
Do you Drink :Shit happens.
Shower Daily :Every two days ?
Been in Love :Yeah.
Do you Sing :Yeah.
Want to get Married :HELL NO. What a waste of money.... For what ? A divorce ? Pew !
Do you want Children :Actually.... I'm not sure. Not now... Maybe later.
Age you wanna lose your Virginity :Oh come on XD
Hate anyone :Nope =3
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