Friday, January 22, 2010

So Bs are started !

After like 3 days of A !! XDD
But we'll have like... an entire day of Buck-Tick near the end of thos Bs XDD (Note that B-T's discography has around 200 songs... and more... LOL)
So far, the top 5 looks like this :
#1 Angelspit exaequo with AnCafe (53)
#2 is Aliene Ma'riage (46)
#3 is BeForU (40)
#4 is Ali Project (39)
#5 is Tsuchiya ANNA (38)

The next ones to have a place in the top 5 will probably beeeeee......  Maybe Blam Honey... BLOOD... Yeah deffinitly BLOOD XDD, Maybe Blutengel too... Buck-Tick, of course XD And that's it for the Bs !
Even with buck-tick, seems like there's way less Bs than As !! XD
Edit : In the end, Blam Honey has 36 songs, so they won't be in the top 5 =(

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How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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