Saturday, October 10, 2009

Thinking about it.......

I'll probably change my blog's title soon.
I'll just translate it to something like Mister Queer Blog. Yea...
The this is that someone already called their blog "Monsieur le blog" and I feel like kinda stealing their idea with my "Monsieur le Blog Fif"....
Anyway, onther thing was that every time I "talked directly" to my blog, I said "Mr Blog" and not "Monsieur le Blog".
Or I don't know.... I'll maybe go for something like "God saves the Queer !" since I like this... quote, pretty much xD
Well... it'll be related to queers for sure <3
So yeah, I'll think again about it, and when I'll be sick of seeing Satsuki on my banner, I'll take this moment to also change the blog's name =3
En même temps, j'aime avoir un nom de blog en français D8.... Gneh.  And I can't just be like OKAY.  THREE MOTHAFACKIN SENTENCES ON DA BANNAH, MAAN. (Mister Queer Blog, God saves the Queer and Chez Madame Trucy for the french part) Two is ok, but not three... it'd be too much =\....
So I don't know.

Oh ! And please.  Hit me really hard if a do a banner with Sailor Gay-Moon. (I hate golden D8<)

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