Saturday, October 24, 2009

The new colors reminds me about...

What was fashionable for your home's decoration during the 80's.... Grey melamine included.

I hate my screen.  And Corel's Pantone colors >_>.... His lips were supposed to be bright red, FUCK. Ò_______Ó... But NO THEY'RE FUCKING BUBBLE GUM.


 But I must say I like the result anyway.... Even though I've got some salmon colored side bars @___@
I hate that color >_>.... Salmon and turquoise.... HOLY FUCK YEW ! Worst color ever.  Along with burnt orange and all shade of brown (except chocolate, maybe... Creamy brown are okay, I guess...) + kaki and beige. Aaaaah and yellow burns my eyes D8.... I never liked yellow... Even when I was a kid... I mean, I used my yellow pencil only for the sun and my sister's hair cause she was blonde, but, otherwise.... the yellow pencil was always going in the section of ugly colors in my pencil case =\ And blues, reds, a few greens, pinks, one orange, purples.... All those were in the beautiful colors section.... And black too since I've always been dark haired, and I couldn't find TEH perfect brown, so my hair were often black on my drawings xDD and black was used for shoes, too.... Shoes were almost always black xD... And eyelashes XD... You know, lashes such as SpongeBob's ? XDDD Yeah ♥
So yeah, I never liked yellow.... But red always been a color I liked a lot.... For a while I told people my favorite color was royal blue... Y'know, Manâ's blue... But that was before I discovered Manâ.  But I said this almost only because almost everyone's favorite color is red.  But in the end it was stupid since right after red, it's blue... Geh. Anyway.  I always like violet too, I used to like purple too, but I got sick of purple and... Violet is much more love than purple è_é !!! But, I don't know why, but for a while, I felt kinda ashamed to like this color o_o..... But then I went WHO CARES !!! and right after that, everyone started to go OMG PURPLE (while talking about violet...) So yeah >_>....
Am I the only one who gets annoyed when people mix up purple and violet ? o_o;..... I mean.... THIS is purple.... and THIS is violet >_>.... purple is the perfect middle between red and blue, while violet has more blue.... and then there's mauve, which I hate, which has more red into it.... It's like mixing up green and turquoise ! No one mixes these up ! So why would they mix purple and violet up ?! è_é

Yeah... Radical changes.  I also feel like this colors arrangement is more... I don't know... Masculine ? I know there's some pink, but.... I guess it's because of the black parts.... And because de post part isn't WHITE, but it's in some kind of pale grey... I feel like...if I reverse black and white parts, it'll look more feminine... Isn't it ? But aaaaaanyway ! >_>...  Yeah right, who cares ! Blah !
I feel like this banner will end up by annoying me... Cause.... It's obvious that he wears contacts but they kinda blurred arround the lense so it would show... BUT IT SHOWS.  It annoys me.  Instead of this, you could have worked on his oily face, doncha ?! Pfffff ! Ou encore effacer son caca d'oeil XD....
Donc oui, les photoshoppeur japonais, là........... Y'a juste Kiwamu qui roxx my soxx LOOOOOOL. *Nostalgie des belles jaquettes de BLOOD X'DDDD*
Aherm.   En fait non, j'crois que le seul photoshoppeur japonais digne de s'appeler photoshoppeur, c'est Ryonai o_ô.....
I'll maybe try to make the black blacker and the red redder later.... but now I'm lazy and my USB thing is dying D8.... I've another one, but I've lost its cap.... >_>....


It's kinda obvious, considering who I've been talking a lot about, recently.... xDD
Oh and.... I said it would illustrate Paparazzi but I lied. LOL.
Nay.... Actually, I just thought about something else when I saw that pic on jrock_scans....  Anyway, the other one would have been completely stupid X'D ♥

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Kasumi,  October 24, 2009 at 9:32 a.m.  

"I used my yellow pencil only for the sun"
Same here. C'est tellement récemment que j'ai commencé à aimé le jaune (surment à cause de Noble et -F- LOL) mais genre, une fois j'me rappelle j'avais demander à ma mère c'était quoi ça couleur préféré pis à m'avais dit jaune et j'était tellement "ark maman pourquoi t'aime cette couleur là DDD:" LOL

Sinon j'ai faite le saut en voyant la grosse face de Hazuki en banner qui me regardais LOL

Trucydae October 24, 2009 at 9:37 a.m.  


Mais j'aime vraiment pas le jaune... c'est comme bloqué dans ma tête.... j'sais pas.... C,est comme jaune... c'est la couleur du pipi, pis c'est associer au soleil, pis le soleil, je l'aime pas, y m'brûle les yeux è_é Donc, le jaune devient instantanément une couleur brûle rétine =\....
En même temps, ça marche pas, parce que j'aime le vert lime brûle rétine aussi... pis le citron c'est jaune pis j'aime ça >_>.... Maudit.... c'est compliqué, la vie è_é

Tomoyo-Chan October 24, 2009 at 6:39 p.m.  

Merci Trucy de nous aider a différencer le purple et le violet. ^w^

Trucydae October 24, 2009 at 8:42 p.m.  

LOL non mais ça m'énerve vraiment o_o... Violet c'est pas mauve comme pourpre c'est pas plus mauve, encore moins violet D8<

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