Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Hey !

Actually, Matsuro was right, when she said that I looked thined.... My waist is down to 78,5cm o_o !!!
I'm now 100-78,5-111 instead of 102-81-112 as I was, the last time I took my measurements @___@
That's awesome, really <3
I just don't get how I could lose almost 3 cm around my waist while I lost only 1 around my hips... Anyway... I guess that's what is making me even curvier <3 Hourglass-shape love *o*
A little bit more, and I'll become a real pin-up *________* <3

I think that the thing that... surprises me the most are my thights o_ô.... they were like jelly, seriously.... and now they're.... with a lot of cellulite scars ? That's all.... Still pretty curvy and twice as big as some other's but... It's still proportionnal to me, I guess.... since I tend to be larger in any ways than everyone else @___@ Even if I'm not fat (anymore) or something....
AAAAAAAAAANYWAY ! My body is one of the weirdest I've ever seen.  Like... Hips are usually something like 15cm long.  Mine are about 25 or so...... This does that my waist is higher than the usual. And my chest is also longer than the usual, so, that doesn't make long between breast and waist. Eh ! And this waist is 31 cm smaller dans my hips and 21cm smaller than my chest ! TALK ABOUT A HOURGLASS SHAPE. And my thights are... domed... Like.... This is the result of having been a ballerina for 8 years.  Same thing goes for my tiny ankles o_O..... and muscled calf... Oh... and my hands are freaking huge.... while I have a quite normal wrist.
Oh well... who's gonna read that, anyway ?


I wonder how much I currently weight o_ô....

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