Sunday, September 27, 2009

I passed my afternoon on this.

Separating my private and public (facebook) life.

What does that mean ?
Well ! That does mean that I created a second facebook account with my brand new MySpace e-mail address so that those who don't give a fuck about Trucydae don't be bothered with that Trucy part and that those who don't have to know Alexandra won't ever know about her 8D.
Ain't that fabulous ? Well I don't care you think it is or not cause the most important is that I am fabulous~
So yeah, feel free to add me 8D

I don't know you, you said ? WHO CARES ! The thing is that YOU know me.  So add me if you have a FB account ! Or create one if you don't and want to stalk me even more cause I'm so damn wonderful 8BBBB

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