Monday, August 10, 2009

I'm doing a wapanese quizz.

01. Which song is your favorite at the moment?
¤ Oh... I feel like listening Ophelia and Rose Kingdom....

02. Which songs touches you emotionally?
¤ For the moment, I guess I can says whatever including Jasmine You D8

03. What's your favorite track(s) on MIRROR (D'espairsRay's album) ?
¤ Oky, I'm keeping the original ones... I've to go see what's on that album but Mirror... Okay, then... Mirror, but I liked Hollow pretty much too XDD

04. If you should introduce someone to Girugamesh, what song would you show them?

05. Which song's lyrics will be impossible for you to learn?

¤ Criss de Vidoll Indies à marde D8< 06. What was your VERY FIRST j-rock song?
¤ Pessimiste from Moi dix Mois

07. But then, what was your first favorite artist/band?
¤ Back at this time..... I guess it was something like Evanescence XD

08. What is your newest downloaded concert?
¤ Ooff..... Eeeeeeh.... Ah... lynch.'s bootleg thingie, I guess...

09. In which song did you get the most impressed by Kyo's (Dir en Grey) vocals?
¤ skjdhakshdkjahs o_o;..... I must admit that the fucked up unplugged songs are vocally amaaaaaazing o_o...

10. Is there a song, that you heard a lot about, but was to lazy to hear, and when you finally decided to put it on, it was fantastic?
¤ BLOOD criss XD; It's not a song, but a band... BUT WHO CARES.

11. Where can you find the best drums?
¤ Dunno... I'm not much of a drummer, so I can't tell.

12. Which band was better than expected?
¤ ..... I must admit that I first was scared that Versailles would be shitty since everyone talked about them... But Lyrical Sympathy was good.... But that's all...
No need to mention about Bathroom.

13. Bands you heard an unlucky song with, and didn't like, but later on heard another song, that was better, and you started to like the band.
¤ .... o_ô I don't fucking know.... I could have said Da'vid/shito:aL but even though people were like : OMG LISTEN TO THAT, BAD VOCALS OMG... I was just like.... : Hum.. okay ? I don't really see where's the FUUUUUUUUUUCKING bad vocals.....

14. Mention a very spooky album.
¤ C'est vrai que Blam Honey, c'est spooky, quand on y pense oO.....

15. First Gazette song. j'le garde aussi
¤ Ouf o_o......... I don't know o_o truc Linda, maybe... or no[666] o_o I should listen to my old copilation to tell...

16. Band(s) you heard a lot good about, but don't like yourself.

17. Deepest vocals.
¤ Veux-tu VRAIMENT qu'on en parle ?

18. A band that screams a lot too much, but is lovely.
¤ LOL. I like screams, y'know. Dir en grey, then 8B and lynch.... and DEATHGAZE even if it sounds all the same ( ._.)

19. On iTunes, the most heard song.
¤ iTunes sucks shit pickles =3
So LastFM tells me : La Lune by Satsuki with 140 plays.

20. Songs that makes you wanna jump.
¤ Guh... I don't wanna jump

21. Artists you definately don't like.
¤ GPK. XDDD most of K-popers and current Jrockers too.

22. A beautiful female voice, that is worth mentioning.
¤ Moé pis mes extrêmes, on est pas capable de choisir, c'est jamais assez bon.

23. Song that has horrible vocals, but is damn cute.
¤ Baaaaaah, dunno... usually, went vocals are THAT horrible, I don't listen to it.

24. This song has great, change of rhythm, headbanglove music, but I hate the vocals!
¤ See previous question.

25. A song that was better than expected.
¤ Bathroom D8

26. What's your favorite non-japanese band(s)?
¤ Angelspit, The Birthday Massacre and Evanescence ? .______.

27. The songs you've headbanged to the most.
¤ I don't headbang, my brain would hurt D8

28. What was your first concert?
¤ Carmen Campagne LOL More seriously, it was Evanescence~

29. Your favorite An café song?
¤ Probably Odoru Meruhen Tokei \o/

30. An amusing, relaxed, beautiful male-voice.
¤ ..................................................................... Eh.... Dunno.
Edit : SATSUKIIIIIIIII D8< 31. After your opinion, what's the best j-pop-artists?
¤ Hum.... I like Nakashima Mika and Onitsuka Chihiro.....

32. Prettiest bishie(s).
¤ TAbarnak XD y'a encore du monde qui dit ça XDDDD
Ouf... XDDD
Back in the time when I was seriously saying this, it was Die XD
Now add : Kaya ♥, Jui, Ruiza, Jasmine You ;__;., Tatsuhi, Hazuki, Hiko even if she's a girl and the same goes for Exo-Chika since you said BISHI -> Bisho -> Bishonen/Bishoujo. AHAH.

33. VERY interesting music!!
¤ Kaya =BBBBB Well... More seriously.... Kaya 8B... Since he can do anything.... And Dir en grey since they are fucking rockstars, bitches ! >8D

34. A song where Satsuki (Rentrer en Soi) impresses you the most.
¤ suihkadshkjsahdkjahdkjhjk D8 don't make me choose ! AAAAAH I found an answer to #30

35. Naughty people.
¤ Nightmare, back in the time XD

36. Who has got the cutest smile?
¤ (°A°; )

35. Who says the cutest MC (member comment).
Kaya, obviously.

36. Who's the best choreography-maker.
Actually, I guess Yui does, but since none of the CGD are synchronized................. ô_ô....

37. A cool "single-theme".
¤ I prefer cool band overall theme.

38. What's the prettiest voiceless (instrumental) song?
¤ (°A°; )

39. The most dorky band.
¤ Vidoll étaient ben bons, dans le temps

40. Most spooky band.

41. Oshare/Visual beautiest beauty.
¤ Beautiest isn't a word.
But it is obviously Kaya. And oshare sucks.

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Kaka-chan August 11, 2009 at 8:21 a.m.  

=BB J'ai toute lu
Pis j'ai un beau ti compte avec une belle tite photo et un beau tit pseudo

Trucydae August 11, 2009 at 3:25 p.m.  

Yess, c'est beau ça, ma Kaka-chan =BBB

How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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