Tuesday, August 04, 2009

I received answers.


I wanted to post this, but seems that I've been put under moderation.
[QUOTE=Nobar King;375104]a goth AND a retard. Just what I expected. Who is the revolting person in the picture?[/QUOTE]

It's Mana, Guitarist of Moi dix Mois... And he's a MAN. How revolting.

[QUOTE=Nilon;375148]I seemed to have 28 of these traits, but most of them having nothing to with goth but are instead that of traits of many normal teenagers. In fact, at least 5+ are things most normal teenagers end up acting like or doing anyways.[/QUOTE]

Thank you.

[QUOTE=Nobar King;375211]Does anyone know what is scratched into the forehead of this goth? I can't tell if it spells dik or clix.[/QUOTE]

It's dix.

Okay, people..........

Open you mind and you'll live way more happily. There's no good or bad thing (well... of course, murdering is bad... But I think you're all intelligent enough to get what I mean. If not I SHALL BURN IN HELL because you,re too stupid.)
Your way of thinking is outdated. We live in 2009 ! Not in 1009 !!!

This topic is freaking more respectless than I've been.

Can someone post it for me ? Seriously, I REALLY want it to be said è_é

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How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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