Saturday, March 21, 2009

Let's put an end, the final.

I just put an end to my first "adult-life" Yaoi Note.
Yeah, you know, those 500paged note books where you write those gay stories... Yeah ! This.
So... My first one that I used as an adult is over, no more blank pages, everything had been typed out.... Well.. no, but still it is that the main story of it has been typed out. This is the most important point.
Then, I realized that.... I'm writing less lemons as an adult than as a teenager o_ô....
I just don't feel like it anymore, I guess... I don't want to push it, it'll end really bad, if I do... That's why Junkie no Koibito haven't seen any end yet... =\..... I wanna finish that story ;__;... Still it is that I don,t feel like I can... I'm not sure I like the way I wrote it anymore oO... I tried to write it so the narration would seem a bit ironical or at least, cynical...... and.. well...
I'll try to keep writing sins and tragedies =)

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