Tuesday, October 14, 2008


There's a few ones that I want...

I already have that K on my left wrist and to complete it, if I could have go to the PMX, I could have gotten my right wrist signed (by Kaya) and get it tattooed. But it's kinda obvious that I won't go. So it'll have to wait.

Next one. I want my name in katakana (アレクサドラ) down my spine, starting on the bottom of my neck. Not too big, maybe a 1''x1'' for each kanas (which mean approximately 2.5 cmX2.5cm).

Next. Since I'm 15-16 years old that I want a rose... somewhere I don't know. Maybe like not exactly on the hip bone... just a bit over like... left side... Not too big again. Or maybe bigger, but like... on the side... the flank ? Huh...

Last one. My dear "Trucydae". I don't fucking know where I want this one. Maybe if I get the rose, the last option I proposed for that one, I'll get my "Trucydae" at the same place, but on the right side... But this made me think about the "Budweiser" that Travis Barker has at this place >_>.......

Any suggestion ? And please... Forget about breast tattoos >_>... This is the worst place ever to get tattooed. Ever. Like... Imagine a young woman, getting something cute on one of her boob. Now, imagine when she'll turn 60. Eeeeeeeeeeewww !!!! + It's like... A tattoo, there... it's not really beautiful.... Same as arm tattoos... Down the elbow >_>.... (Think about the heart and the "I love Mom" tattoos XD;;;) So forget those two options (Yeah, I know that Asagi got a bouquet of rose on his arm, but I never said it was pretty.).

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