Monday, October 20, 2008


Solo album ?!
Folky-Celtic ?!
Hein o_o !
I can't wait to hear that !
I was sure this was going to happen one day oO...
After she did like almost everything on the last album...
I think that the fact that John and Rocky left the band was kinda predictable... More Rocky than Jonh, though... Cause Rocky was "lend" to Evanescence and I guess he fits more in a band like Disturbed or even something near black metal... The most ununderstandable thing was that Ben left the band o_o;;... To write songs to (fucking) Avril Lavigne. Exactly in the era where she began to wear tutus and corset -___-... And people goes : WAW she's original an pretty and stuff like this... No one ever remembered that a few years ago, this was EXACTLY Amy's look. Originality ? Bullshit. I hate Avril.
And I also think that the guy I don't remember the name which was in... huh... Limp Bizkit ? Was it this band ? Oh well... The rasta one... I was "O_O;;;" when I discovered that he took Ben's place... He doesn't fit either u_u....
Plus, Amy went less... "gothic" recently... Well... not really... Since a bit after Fallen, I think... She still seems to like this "dress code" and everything related, but something was showing that it wasn't what she really wanted to do anymore...

I'm thinking about Origin, now... I hope she'll have songs like Field of Innocence or Lies...
Aaah... This made me remember my past... How I discovered them, how I immediatly felt in love with them, how things that Amy wrote where meaningful to me... Especially Field of Innocence, which is still totally how I feel toward life and everything. Call this Peter Pan Syndrome if you want x);;;
The Open Door hasn't much meaning to me, though... Seems like this album is her manifestation of her anger for Shaun Morgan... I mean... Call me when you're sober is OBVIOUSLY written for him... but... If you take a look at the lyrics, it seems like everything is dedicated to him... That's maybe why I liked this album, but not as much as I liked Fallen... And it's nothing in comparison to Origin. Origin was their best album <3. style="font-style: italic;">Fallen is maybe a bit too commercial and The Open Door is too... centered on her separation. Origin was perfect.

OMG.... Non-Japanese fandom ! XD
And... XDD Probably no one really understands what I'm talking about since I think I don't really know someone who likes Evanescence as I do xD.... Oh... Maybe Yueri... But I'm not sure she's reading my blog... Are you ? XD

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