Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dragon Quest VI.


I've been playing for ....
Like 6hrs almost in a row, today XD;;;
That's bad for your health, kids.
Don't try this at home LOL.

But eh...

I'm up to Murdaw's castle
The one in the real world
And I just met Nevan.
Before he joined my party
From his sprite
I thought he looked like some mustachey/monobrowish Indian man...
He actually kinda looks like Lucca from Chrono Trigger XD
(Yea, yea.... Akira Toriyama, I know... Lucca also kinda looks like Bulma, so yeah...)

I play to many games and too often, lately...
I kinda forgot that defence is actually written [défense] in French...
I would SO put a C instead of an S there...
Same thing with [dance/danse] actually...
But it's more hum... Blatant with [defence/défense] XD
I also always tend to write [May] instead of [Mai]
And put a capital letter to months and weekdays even if they're not necessary, in French...
The other side of the medal from speaking two similar languages... XD

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