Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Twenty five facts.

Furavii tagged me on FB

I first wondered whether I'd do this or not
Since I've already done it many times...
But then I thought [Why not ?]

  1. I naturally don't hate anybody, I still do not like them, though.  Still, if I do not like them and that I keep being around them, I will find myself some reason to hate them and I eventually end up hating them.  But once I'll be away for a certain period of time, I'll just go back to not liking them.
  2. I'd like to have respect for everyone since you shouldn't do to others what you wouldn't like to be done to you, you know... But the thing is that some persons simply don't deserve any respect at all for this or that reason, so I rather be a bitch at those people.  Anyway, it's not as if it was a big deal to me to be bitched at.
  3. I do believe you can get the girl out of the country but not the country out of the girl.  Country as in the way of opposite to city.  That's why I think that Québec is the perfect city for me.
  4. I don't give a fuck about politics.   Really.  It will always be shitty and people will be complaining.  It always was and always will be, so...
  5. I honestly think most people are stupid.
  6. I don't like people in general because of #5.
  7. If I feel bad about something, I will feel bad about it for quite a long time, even after people told me it was OK, that it wasn't really important.
  8. I absolutely hate to ask for help.
  9. I also hate organization. I can't find anything when my room is all tidy and having a schedule to follow is kind of stressful to me.  I'm always afraid of being late, so I arrive early... Sometimes too early.
  10. I'm sometimes feeling like getting violent to other people.  I used to hit my brother, when we were kids, because of that.  Then I switched to being violent to myself, but people thought I was being suicidal.  Now I just don't know how to deal with it, so I get some drastic ups and downs.  That's why I sometimes feel like not seeing anybody for a certain while.
  11. I hate that men flirt with me.  They don't know who I am and if they knew, they'd probably just walk away.  I sometimes think that I'm being to rough with them, but I then think that I've nothing to tell them, anyway.  So it's better that way.
  12. This being said, I do sometimes make it on purpose to draw their attention on me.  Not because I think they are attractive (Anyway, this doesn't work on guys I think they are attractive LOL), but because I know that they can never have me.  That's why I like pin-ups.  I like to think that I'm like a poster it's nice to stare at, but that you'll never ever get any more than a look.
  13. I think I terribly lack of english vocabulary.  I often have to check up for translations.
  14. I honestly don't care about most causes.  But I would eradicate all pedophiles from Earth right now, if I could. 
  15. If I don't have to get out from home, most likely that I won't even bother showering.  Unless my scalp is getting too itchy.
  16. I'm lazy and I know it.  But I prefer to walk than to take the bus if walking to a place takes less than an hour.  I hate buses this much.
  17. I don't think I'm this good at make-up.  I only can do one kind of make-up, I'm just doing it right.
  18. This being said, putting make-up on is a pain in the ass to me since nothing is symmetrical at all in my face, specially with make-up on.
  19. If I tell you that I don't like something, don't try to make me like it, that pisses me off.
  20. I want to learn hacking an programming, but don't wanna pay for any class.  Specially cause you can learn it online.... As you can basically learn anything online...  But paying for computer classes is somewhat stupid to me.
  21. The only times I lie are for ridiculous things that don't even worth lying for.  So you may wonder why I lie at all and so do I.
  22. If I answer by a smiley, an ♥ or [lol] (Not [LOL], just [lol]), I probably did so only cause I don't like leaving a comment without an answer and that I don't care much about what you said.  Not always, but still...
  23. I like to learn new things, but if I have to be tested for what I know, then I tend to forget what I learned cause it cuts out the interest I could have had in this, before.  Cause I feel like learning something for an exam instead of learning it for my personal knowledge.  That's reason #2 why I hate school.  Reason #1 is that, for the whole time I've been at school, I learned faster than most people in classes, so I wanted to go further, but teachers never allowed me to do so, so again, I was losing interest in it cause I felt like I was losing my time.... Which I was.
  24. I also don't know how to study, anyway... I never ever studied besides quickly re-reading chapters 5-10 minutes before each exams in high school.  Which resulted in me having a final average result of 72%.  I guess I would have had super genius results if I ever studied anything...
  25. I hate to be asked how my day had been cause there's nothing I can answer to that besides "Uh... normal, I guess".... And seriously, just why the fuck are you asking this anyway ?! Do you REALLY care ?! I don't think so.

Bonus cause everything is so emogoffick in here @___@

Like I'd buy 3894793874938 cans and eat them all
Straight from the can
In one night TwT
Or in sandwiches, with Kraft's Singles (Swiss, Singles are process cheese product, by the way... Mine has fat though.... AND I DON'T GIVE A FUCK 8D)
And salad sauce TwT
Hapiness is simple.

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