Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Previously, this week...

Lillie came to me

Yelling that she wanted me on Pico now.
So I went
And a random Japanese guy came to us
Wondering why there was a manba in Canada
So we first were like [WTF ?! XD]
But we ended up chatting
And even though Lillie left for a nap
I continued to talk (in engrish xD ♥) with him for...
Something like 2 hours XD

I ran into him again today
He asked me what kind of job I had
So I told him I worked at some dry cleaning place
And he ended up telling me I must have many male customers
And then asked me if there was a boy I wanted to see again
So I told him there was none at the moment
But (And this is where it's getting funny XD)
He then asked if it was Kyo, I would like to see him again
And I was like [Maybe.... But he is small !]
So I ended up telling him how tall I was
And he agreed that I was tall
And then told me 
(in other words cause I don't remember his actual words, but anyway, it meant the same XD)
[You should try guitar ! He is 180 !]
(as in [You should date the guitarist], you know)


(And yes, I almost corrected him by saying he actually was 178 cm tall XD)

Let's end this with some Sagittarius pride \o/

Ok, just forget the pride part.

Speaking of astrology...
I've read about Dragons' personality a few days ago
(Chinese astrology, you know... Yes, I'm a Dragon.  FIERCE.)
And besides 2 or 3 points
Everything was pretty accurate
I think it was even more accurate than the Sagittarius one oO
So yeah, I was like OMGing all the way XD
And I went to read about Dragon/Tiger relationships just for the lulz
(You all know why, if not, I'd only tell you that I know someone born in December 1974 LAWL)
And they said it would do quite a nice relationship
Since it's said that a Sagittarius/Sagittarius relationship wouldn't be bad either
(Even though I think he'd be more like a cusp sign... Like Sagittarius/Capricorn y'know... But oh well... WHATEVER LOL)
So yeah, I'm fantarding a lot.
A huge lot.

*Gets out* 

*Comes back*

Ok ok
I'll post a better picture è_é

(That's not even better...)

Beside that
I don't know the 4 others' signs...
Well... That's not true.
Kyo's a Dragon too
And Kaoru's probably a Tiger too, right ?
I know I looked for Toshiya and Shinya
But I just don't remember...
But my mind somewhat associated Horse to Toshiya for some reason...
I'm just going to check this out è_é
Ah, actually the Horse is Shinya
And Toshiya is a Snake

Another thing bugging me
Is that I NEVER remember which one 
Between Kyo and Kaoru
Is born on Febuary 16th and 17th >_>
Thank you Nautiljon.
Kyo 16
Kaoru 17

*gets out for real*

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