Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Arrive already, tax returns !!!!

Tax returns =

New cell phone
No more madame Ialenti
New clothes
New tattoo, at last !
And a TV, when I'll move out

*0* *0* *0*

Speaking of moving out !
I'll visit one tonight
I really hope that I'll have it *w*
It's pretty well situated
Close to my job
Close to Mythomanya's place
Close to bus stops
Close to the grocery store
Close to the fucking bank *0*
Close to Subway *w*
It's relatively cheap
(Actually, it ain't, but it suits my budget, so it's cheap è_é)
And it's a freaking 1½ ! 
(One room and a bathroom, that's all
I don't need any more since I'd always be in my room anyway...)
I don't even know what it looks
But I want this apartment *w* !!

I will start working on Saturday again !
So that means less time for me
Seriously, it was about time D:
My last pay check was friggin ridiculous
Cause I only worked half of what I usually do on Monday
Because of the snow storm D:
So I had a mere $200 pay D:
I used to have at least $300 when I worked on Saturday è_é

So yeah
Today had been an overall good day =3

Also XD
A woman at my job first looked at me
Like she didn't understand [why the life...]
And she then asked me [On which side do you sleep ?]

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