Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Ever thought that zombies could be linked to philosophy ?

I am not afraid of zombies because they are ugly

Or they eat people
Or scary
Or whatever reason it is

What scares me 
Is the reason why they should exist.

Think about it.
The one and only logical reason
Why there would be zombies on Earth
Is that scientists would have pushed too far
Their research for a cure for death.
I think that trying to avoid death is the most anti-natural thing ever.
It is just natural to die.
We all die.
Animals die.
Vegetation dies.
Insects die.
It's just the natural way of being.

Then again
If we don't die
We live eternally
Being young for the first 40-50 years of our lives
And then keep getting older
And older
And older
And seeing the same people over and over again.
Then, if no one dies
That doesn't mean that people would stop making babies
By the time governments find out that this is problem
The Earth will already be over populated.
What will they do, then ?
Yes, stop people from making babies. 
(Imagine.... Sex being illegal... Just for birth prevention...)
But if it's already too late
Will they start killing people just cause they are too old ?
Or because they have some malformations ?
Or because they simply are different ?

But then again
With time
The Earth would grow less and lesser fit to live on
Because of pollutions which engendered that global warming
So humans would what ?
End up living in globes ?
Or on the Moon for the richest ?
But then again
Those globes would be ventilated
And everything...
Which would evacuated everything bad for humans' health outside
Which means more global warming
Which means more natural disaster
Which means that globes would eventually break
Which means human would breathe un-sanitized air
To which their lungs aren't used to
And would find themselves in some heat they're not used to
Which would end up in their death
Which would mean the end of humanity.

To go back to zombies
As I said
They would mean that scientist pushed it too far
To avoid death
So that would mean that humanity would be irrecoverable
Which would also mean that I wouldn't have any purpose on Earth anymore
At all.

But in the end
That would be good for them
Good for everyone who once wished to avoid a natural death
And it would be the biggest [I told you that was a bad idea !] of history.
But there would be no one to actually witness it...

So that's why I'm scared of zombies.

And this bring me to another subject
I think that
When we die
We go to an other world
Which is kind of superposed to ours
But if all freaking humans on Earth die
What will become of that other world ?
There wouldn't be any more births
So souls wouldn't be able to take another body...
Is it possible for that world to get overpopulated ?
I'm wondering...

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