Wednesday, February 23, 2011

And gaming !

I got back into gaming.

Beside Pokémon,
I've barely touched any other game for quite a long while...

And then I learned that Dragon Quest VI had been released 

I will get it as soon as I can for sure~~

But right now
I just decided to start over my DQ IX game.
I was couldn't beat the final boss (T~T)
I've the same problem with DQ V, actually....
And I'm stuck in Final Fantasy V... Or IV...
Or the other one I've... 
I don't remember which one I've been playing LOL
And I lent Chrono Trigger to Lillie-Joe...
But I was stuck in that too...
So I will aaaaall start those over, I guess...
But yeah
Right now, I'm on DQ IX again~~
Not bad, cause I'm more than bored at job, these days =\
So I guess that I'll be able to finish it quite soon enough
And play the others when I'm done with that one \o/

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