Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Maybe this should be called a review or something.

Actually, it was pretty early today...
I watched this :

Would you believe me that this...
Is a quite low budget movie
And that it all been filmed in front of a blue screen ?

Before having watched the making of
I had absolutely NO DOUBT that they've been in front of a blue screen all along o_o

I guess this means they're a whole bunch of pretty good actors XD
And that 3D technology wasn't THIS bad in 2002-04
Cause... Yes...
It took 2 years to make due to low budget
And animations of robots
And creating stage sets/scenery...
Speaking of which
When they are in Shangrila
The backround looks like a scene in The Lord of the Ring...
... I'm gonna go check the trivia of the movie in IMDB LOL
Nothing mentioned about this...
Anyway, I've only watched TLOTR like once...
I don't like fantasy thing like this XD

And I just realized
Kinda thank to that movie
That since I started to collect movies 
And watch tons of them
I tend to think [This actor rings some bell to me...]
As the actor playing Dex (Giovanni Ribisi) did.
Well... He played in Public Enemies
Not only those
But those are the ones I saw XD
(Which also means it wasn't the first time he played in the same movie as Angelina Jolie 8B)
Well, I guess that's just normal...
When you see the same person in a few different movie
You end up knowing them...
The same happened when I watched To Wong Foo
Cause the one acting Chi Chi
Is also the one playing Toulouse in Mouling Rouge !
When I watched the Count of Monte Cristo
Cause the one acting Fernand Mondego
Is also the one who played Leonard in Memento
(Guy Pearce who I think he then looked like Stéphane Rousseau LOL)

Name dropping LOLOLOL

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