Thursday, October 07, 2010

Trucy went to do some shopping.

I actually worked from 8 to 11:30 at Sillery, so I had a bit of spare time...

I decided to stop by at Place Laurier since my shoes were all wet (o A o ;)
I wanted some new converse since the soles of those I had were cracking.
So I went to Ardene.
They didn't had my size.
So I chose another design.
And since they were pretty cheap, I decided I could try some ballerina shoes.
Seriously, remind me not to by this kind of crap ever again.
Those shoes are some of the most uncomfotable shoes I have ever worn in my entire like @___@
Maybe I got used to high heels, but... Anyway...

I also bought 3 new movies !
The Pagemaster is the first one I found.
I had forgotten about this movie.
But I saw the magician on the cover and I thought [This rings a bell to me...]
I took it and saw Macaulay Culkin.
I remembered we had it on VHS when I was a kid !
It was really cheap, 6$ !
The second one is Batman.
The first one which has been realized by Tim Burton.
It was the only one I didn't have, excepted the last two that had been made quite recently.
I don't remember having ever watched this one.
6$ too ! 
And the last one is James and the Giant Peach.
This is a movie I never saw before I lived at Lillie Joe's place.
I should have watched it before.
I think it is as great as The Nightmare Before Christmas !
The Lady Spider is so cool !
I want to make a retro outfit inspired by her !

I now need to update my movie list !

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