Friday, December 17, 2010

Something MONSTROUS happened in 2007.

What happened in 2007 ?

Versailles happened in 2007.
What's so bad about them ?
Beside the fact that they're hiding something 
Even more monstrous 
About Jasmine's death
In 2007
They wrote and released
The Revenant Choir.
Which I'm only realizing now
Because I barely listen to X Japan
That they almost copied and pasted the opening riff
From Silent Jealousy.

Not only that fucking Hizakislutbitchwhore copies and pastes
His own riffs
But he also had to copy and paste others' ones.
How great is that ?!

They seriously don't worth a single penny.
I'm starting to consider burning my copy of Lyrical Sympathy.
I think I'm going to film that...
Cutting off Jasmine's pics to keep them
Cause he never did anything bad
Beside getting friends with assholes
But we can't blame him for that : We all do.
Proof is that some of you are friends of mine
(Not saying that YOU are assholes, but saying that I am one.)
And then... 
Burn it.
Screw the fucking 30 bucks I spent on it.
I'll send them the video.
And tell them how much they fucking fail at being human.

I'm waiting your hate mails with impatience. ♥

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