Saturday, December 25, 2010

Long time no see !

Not really

Just been... somewhat busy, I guess
So on Thursday
My mother, her boyfriend and my younger sister
Came at my place around 11
So I brought them to eat breakfast at Flash Café~~
Then we went at Place Ste-Foy/Place de la Cité...
I ended up buying The Cabinet of Dr Caligari,
We're Back !
Grease and
Machine Girl
At Archambault lolz.
And then I went to work with my sis
And we left for the Pays des Vaches after that.

We unwrapped my mother's gifts
Which all happened to be some useful gifts
Such as kitchen accessories
And a mirror bigger than the shitty ones I already got, thank god ! *o*

Then we left to go at my cousin's place
And... OMG
His girlfriend is pregnant ok...
But she should give birth in about 2 weeks
So her belly is like... So big !
Ah my...
I feel overwhelmed for them XD
So yeah
We played pool and that's nearly all =o

We went back home
Everyone went to bed but me
So I watched my very first silent movie ever
Which was, you guessed right, Das Cabinet des Dr. Caligari !
With one of my mother's cat sleeping on my belly, purring ♥
Whatever you may think
And I sure know most of you haven't watched any silent movie at all
Silent movies aren't boring.
It's just a complete other universe than recent movies
The actors play as if it was a play or something
It's in black and white/sepia
The camera isn't pretty stable
And there's the classical white or black spots and scratches on the film
Which are really proper to old movies
In addition to the fact that you can't hear them speak
So you don't have to expect that the movie will be the same as today's ones
Cause it's not.
But I think it's good anyway !
I liked it and want more old movies !
I will try to find Metropolis !

I lied actually
Cause my first silent movie
Actually was Un chien andalou
I will end up watching every 20's fucked up movies LOL.

Oh and I was sad
Cause We're Back ! isn't in french D8
You also guessed that it was one of my childhood movies...
So I wanted it to be in french...
But no...
There's only subtitles in french -.-
I should always check if the french tracks are on those DVDs D8
I'm not used to it since I usually don't matter
Childhood movies... D8
I grew up in french, soooo.... è_é

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Anonymous,  December 26, 2010 at 1:56 a.m.  

Metropolis.... good luck finding it... even more understanding it if you do find it... I watched it at school and sadly (or happily) large parts were lost in the abyss of time... so the movie is nearly impossible to understand unless you have someone explaining it to you afterwards...

Silent movie... I watched a Chaplin once... not really silent, but not talkative either... Modern Times. It's awesome!

Seriously, Metropolis is a little bit of a waste of time... but you can check for yourself...

Trucydae December 26, 2010 at 11:28 a.m.  

I'm actually simply curious to see it =o
Like I want to see every classics, basically, just to know where all clichés are coming from x)

Anonymous,  December 26, 2010 at 11:56 p.m.  

Clichés? Oh crap, if you want to see the cliché of an "helpless" woman, you'll have quite a laugh.. it's kinda pathetic.

I wonder if I can go to cegep to ask my teacher where he got his copy...

Trucydae December 27, 2010 at 7:00 p.m.  

Still... Our history teacher showed us a few second of it, in high school, or talked about it and showed us a few pictures from it... I must say that I can't really remember XD;;
But I want to watch it since then xD

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