Friday, November 12, 2010

So I guess I'm done being emo for tonight

Or at least I try.

I just watched Memento.

I watched that for the first and last time many years ago
I remember I was with my mother
At her house
When we watched it
It was on a VHS HA !

But yeah, that was around 2003-05
I don't quite remember
And I didn't quite remembered the story itself
And that's kinda funny cause
The movie itself it about a guy
Who has no short term memory
So he forgets everything
But he's looking for his wife rapist and killer
Using pictures, notes and tattoos to remember...
Or to think he remembers
Cause he actually doesn't

The movie is quite fucked up
In the way that the story is like on the reverse side
Starting at the end of the story
Ending at its beginning
But as the movie goes
You realize that what he does
Isn't what it was supposed to be
That people have been using him
And that himself used him
And his memory problem....

I think that many people probably didn't liked the movie
Because of this....
Because of how it has been made
And because it may be quite confusing
That's also the kind of things that
Makes people think that the Saw series is nothing more than gore movies
But it's not.
You just have to pay attention
To the movie
Its story
Its characters
Its details
And with every pieces
Put it in the right order in the timeline
So that it finally makes sense.

Or it is that I have a pretty analytic mind
And that I like to solve that kind of puzzles
So I like movies that makes your brain works more 
Than simply for entertainment.
I liked Se7en for that very same reason.
The Others had a little bit of it.

And that could also be why I like Dan Browns book...

I like when,
At the end of a movie
Or even a book
You feel all exited
Because things were what they seemed at the beginning
When things weren't as simple as they seemed...
And that you're being amazed by 
How they've been able to do so 
That you held your breath all way long
Just to discover that it wasn't what they made you expect.

Maybe that's just cause 
That's how real life is too...

These are also
Probably the reasons why
I feel crazy to the point of,
Once all movies have been released in DVD,
To put the whole Saw series in the right chronological order.
I think it's also because
I want people to understand the story
As I understood it
Or maybe make it more understandable
For those who haven't the patience
Or the analytic mind to do it on their own...

Maybe I just like a bit to much to make my brain work...
But at least
This way
I feel like it's being somewhat useful...
Since I'm too lazy to become a scientist...
Or a detective
Or a psychiatrist
Or whatever else it is...
Maybe the perfect job for me
Would be to become a writer...
This way
I can become whatever I want...
Transposing myself into my characters...
(Considering this, I'm quite a killer, now... LOL)

I really should kick my ass very really pretty hard
So that I could finish that story I just finally started today...
Would be my very first real novel ever.........

You know what ?
Right now
I just feel like crying, but
It's not sadness...
I think I just..... found a point to my life.

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Lillie Joe,  November 12, 2010 at 6:37 p.m.  

love you ;A;
Je t'appuis dans ça \o/ J'ai toujours penser que tu serais une bonne écrivaine, quand tu me parlais que tu voulais écrire tes histoires en livres moi j'y crois ♥

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