Sunday, October 31, 2010

In the end...


Ok, no.
Regarding the last post
I just translated what I wrote to english...
I thought it would be easier if written in french
But in the end
My english switch is stuck.

My ideas are quite unclear, though
I'm working on this right now...
I have to find what's.....
The reason why one lies and the other likes it

Cause yeah, for those who don't get french
I was browsing some LJ community
And found something
Which reminded me about [I love the way you lie] by Eminem and Rihanna
I will base myself on that for the story
But it won't be a songfic
I don't like songfics anymore
But I like to get inspiration from songs lyrics.

The last spoiler would be that it'll be a Die/Toshiya
Cause I can't seem to write anything else when I write a Dir fanfic alone...
But I said that in french previously.

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