Thursday, July 08, 2010

Mon étoile de roche chérie

So, as I mentionned previously, I did a new wallpaper.

And I didn't even took that picture which was like 10 times bigger than the actual size of my screen cause it was too on the beige/kaki side and I would have been annoyed... As I will get annoyed by the whiteness of this one...................... OH WELL.

By the way, Itoshi no Rockstar is a song by Buck-Tick.

I wanted something to be written on it, as usually on my wallpapers... And I just had Buck-Tick's My fuckin' Valentine stuck in my head.... And I was like... No. And then, the light bulb appeared on over my head. FUCK YEAH ! ITOSHI NO ROCK STAR \o/
I knoooooooooooez. Would have been waaaaay cooler with kanjis and stuff BUT. I can't write japanese, corel seems to have troubles with the copy and paste stuff and, anyway, I couldn't have copy and paste it since my internet connection sucks again, and it sucks pretty bad, I'm not having any fun. Blergh.
So yeah... I'm a fucking fangirl, that's it, that's all.

I was about to say that I'm not the craziest of them all (speaking about fangirls in general, not only Die fangirls... Anyway, they seem to be somewhat rare... like I've no rival... LOLz.)... But... Ah... forget that, I'm not the craziest of them all D8< (Not yet ? ... Oh, not that much, actually... with my future tattoos, I'll look more like a Kaoru fangirl o_ô.... Which I've never quite been. BUT. Seems like SOMEONE has more fashion style than SOMEONE else. Huhuhuhuhu. Which makes me wonder again why I like him (Die, eh...) this much... Maybe cause of the way I portrait him in my head o_ô... Which means that, in my head, he has a personality similar to mine... But so do Hiko and Hazuki... BUT. I've an excuse 8BBBBB We're all four sagittariuses 8BBB !!! But still, I'm aware that their ascendant (?) is probably not cancer and their chinese sign aren't dragon either... Unless Hiko and Hazuki are my age or 12 years older... Which they obviously aren't, even though I don't know their ages... But I guess that Hiko is something like 24-25 and Hazuki 26 or 27.... And speaking about chinese astrology made me realize why I also thought I had some similarities with Kyo... It's cause he's a dragon too 8BBB Other than this, I still haven't got in which parts we are similar, Kaya and I, since he's a cancer... It's maybe the show off part... XDDDDDDD ERR. Enough with astrology o_o Shut it, Trucy. End of the parenthese !)

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