Thursday, July 08, 2010


I wanted to change my wallpaper cause I got bored with the other one.
So I opened Corel and went in my portable hard drive/mes images/pikku/dir en grey/die folder and put the files in size order since you have better results doing a wallpaper using a picture as or bigger than your screen resolution (I've a 17'' screen so it's 1024 X 768 pixels big, so I need picture this big or more, got it ? ......... Why the hell am I explaining this ?! As if you cared...)
SO. I took the last file in the folder, which means that it was the biggest picture of the lot.

Now... THIS. is. a HUGE. picture.

It's like... 10 times bigger than my screen o_o... The little white rectangle is supposed to be the same size as my screen... But I had to zoom out down to 5% to see where the picture actually stopped XD...

So HD isn't only standing for HiDef... It's also standing for Huge Die... HA !

Something completely unrelated as bonus (or not) :

I think I got sunburnt... Which is bad since I got some FPS 70 sunscreen. That's really bad. Cause... That FPS thing... Usually people buy sunscreen with a FPS between 15 and 30. That number is the time it blocks the sun's UV rays more than when you don't where any sunscreen... So FPS 15 protects you from the sun 15 times more than nothing and FPS 70 is 70 times more... AND I GOT SUNBURNT ANYWAY. FFFUUUUUU.

I seriously hate the sun -__-..... ANd I HATE IT TO DEATH WHEN IT'S SO HOT AND HUMID THAT THE BED'S SHEETS ARE WET WHEN YOU WAKE UP. NOT HUMID. FUCKING WET. And I just sleep with a simple cotton sheet x_____x... Cause I just can't sleep without any sheet... Yeah... today, it was like 32C (90F) outside... 10 more degrees with the asshole of humidex factor (we're now up to 108F) with that son of a bitch we call SUN and smog (like humidity + smog = You feel like you can't breathe pretty well... Or I'm just this weird) and a fuuuuuuuuuuucking annooooooooooying man telling you that you are so fucking wonderful and stuff and telling you that his sexlife with his unexisting wife is dead, which has to be understood as a "I want to fuck you" but that's aaaaaaawwefull gross since he's like over 40 years older than you and, and, and.... WWWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH. Gross. I mean... I think it shows when someone is closed to you... WHY THE FUCK DO YOU INSIST ?!?!?!?

The good part in this is that I got a free ice cream. The worst part is that he probably got himself a handjob think of me eating the ice cream he bought me... *shivers* D8............................

I'm an old farts and losers magnet =.=
I'm almost thinking about getting more facial piercing... At least, I'd get rid of the old farts part.... >_______>............. Fuckers.

2 comment(s):

Sophie Cruise ;3,  July 8, 2010 at 9:58 p.m.  

LOL juste LOL XD!

J'tiens a dire par contre que, j'ai 3 liprings pis tous les gars de mon age me regarde croche alors que tous les hommes de 40 ans me font des clins d'oeil LOL feque jpas sure que sa soit une bonne idée...

Trucydae July 9, 2010 at 3:02 p.m.  

D8................. Dammit !

How many New Vogue Children in becoming came ?

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