Wednesday, May 12, 2010

It happens that I sketch things.

Phew !
I haven't draw anything in a whole century DX
But still... I guess it's not so bad for a sketch...
Oh well...

But yeah, there's a... story... behind this.
In Québec City, we have a kind of festival which reconstitutes the time when French conquered what is now Canada (and United-States)'s east coast... And we may find back those gorgeous ladies of the time (along with bourgeois, noble class people, millitaries, common people and... Pirates)... And since I'm currently reading Lady Oscar, I had a dress strutting (yeah !) in my head...
But since I hate pastel colors and golden and the like, I made a goth version... This is... ROCOGOTH. HA !

Now, I only need to find a rococo dress pattern and edit it a bit.... It will surely be a bit different from the sketch, but who cares.
It will cost an arm and a leg for the fabric and I'll have no life for a while, with this, but it will worth it.

And yes, I like my watermark. I know you do too.

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